This company was founded by a great and caring man, who gives selflessly of himself, to try and help others enjoy and develop this wonderful technology. Mr. Robert Joseph founded DataGhost many years ago. He is the man behind the scenes, that develops and writes the code for the custom firmware used by the Ghostware Team and products we offer. Over the years he has surrounded himself in excellence and brought together the team, that we have here before you today!

To provide our clients with top quality goods and services and to be the best that we can be. Honesty is our best and only policy! Satisfaction for our customers is our first priority and keeping our customers happy is our second priority! We would like GhostWare to truly be EveryWare!

Information from the founder of Ghostware, Robert Joseph

Top 10 reasons to get a Ghostware box!
1. Support - Lots of people claim to have the best support around, while I am sure they do have good support. Ghostware has support around the clock and literally almost 24/7 with close to 60 reps - We have reps in locations in different time zones around the world. We have Facebook support, Ghostware Chat created by Ian Whyte and Discord chat for live chat help. Ghostware support will not be beaten.

2. Development - A lot of people create a build and call it "Developing" its not developing, its creating a build. We create custom firmware and kernels to allow the maximum performance with minimal effort to allow our devices to last longer and to be smoother with less struggle. On all OEM boxes we have our new OTA Upgrade option which many can vouch for, easy and efficient.

3. AMF - Anti Mess-up Firmware - I can say this and be true, its not a bash, its honest. Most people manually setup boxes and if the box goes downhill people are charged a premium to simply get things up and running, Some do it free yes. Not all.... With Ghostware, you can fix this in 3 easy steps, not only fix, but get the latest and greatest from our servers. The 3 R's rule with Ghostware. Reset, Re-Deploy and Restore and BAM! All up to date and running smooth with minimal issues.

4. G.O.D - Gaming On Demand! - Nothing like reliving your childhood in some of the best possible ways! Most people have a favorite retro game from their childhood. Mine is several N..E..S games, Mario, Zelda & MegaMan. Relive more games then you will have time to play in a full lifetime, with our new updates coming this will put us over 100k games to pick from. ALL RETRO! Save your state, load your state, load a cheat, game as you please.

5. Media - Get what you want, when you want. Direct message for Details.

6. L!V3 Ch.@n.n3.ls - PM Marc AL Jannack for details as we do not speak of it here.

7. Proactive and ahead of the curve - While some people sit and wait for disasters to set in, we at Ghostware believe in a proactive outlook - We are always looking to better user experience and finding and giving the latest and greatest. From firmware and kernel updates, to application and software updates to keep up with current times.

8. Custom Store - We have created 2 customs stores over the time at Ghostware, where things are maintained with our customers in mind, easy one click access to uninstall any apps, Click and enter a password to install applications, including a super easy interface. Our goal at Ghostware is to make things easy. No one wants super technical and difficult interface. Which leads me to the 9th reason below.

9. Custom Interfaces - Both of our setups, our regular Android interface and our custom Android TV OS Interface with voice commands are super simple to use. The regular Android interface is setup with folders to organize applications to make things easy for our users, The Android TV OS With Voice Commands is designed to best suit a TV interface with maximum visual performance and minimal CPU usage. While we might not be the only seller around. I would for sure say we are at the top of the heap. Which takes me to the last point. Point number 10.

10. Pride - For me personally growing up, personal pride was super important to me. I have learned over the years that what you put into something you will get out of it. Personally myself and my team puts everything we have into Ghostware. We will not settle for good or for OK, we strive to be great. Our customer satisfaction is a reflection of our efforts put into all of this. It might only be a box to some people. But to me its so much more. Pride is the top thing. I personally take so much pride in Ghostware and its developments. I love this stuff so much, love seeing happy people and happy faces, love the fact that we are different from the rest, and most important love knowing that things will only get better going forward. In life we all want to leave a mark of something great we have done....

I want Ghostware to create a legacy, and one that will never be forgotten.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am so proud of my team and all the people who have helped along the way. I love this stuff more then any of you will ever know. Wearing your heart on your sleeve leaves room for it to get broken. But for every time a heart is broken, tons of people are there to mend it. Thank you all for being here.

Sincerely Robert Joseph 👻👻👻👻👻